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herbwalk cropedI am a soy free vegan, Yoga Instructor, herbalist, nutrition coach  and personal trainer living in Southern California on a mission to heal and educate the world.

I believe this beautiful earth was created with everything we need to live a wonderful and healthy life.

I believe natural healing and eating healthy foods should be exciting and enjoyable.


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Posted October 5, 2011 by calivegans

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  1. Hi:

    There are omelettes made from chickpea flour that look like the real thing. Black salt is an ingredient to add the sulfur-like egg taste, spices ,water and maybe a little non dairy milk. Google it. Quite a few recipes. Haven’t tried it yet but looks good in the photos.

    I enjoy your blog, I also am allergic to soy, but sometimes eat it and am a veganish vegetarian not all the way there yet. I’m almost off cheese–I eat a little parmesan but will try some of those nutritional yeast flakes.


    • Thanks for reading and for the chickpea omelet tip. I’m really interested in trying it. I’m sure I could use almond milk instead. We’ll write a review on it once we try it.
      Have you tried Daiya cheese? So good. So cheesy. The don’t make Parmesan though. I would love for them to make sour cream too.

      Thanks again for taking the time to write us.

  2. OOoooh soy free! Do tell, how you do it ?! What would you east in place of a tofu scramble? I LOVE tofu scramble… but I’d LOVE to not eat QUITE so much of it too 🙂 Are you soy free for allergy reasons or just a choice??

    • Hey psyckoprincess! We have found a bunch of great soy free vegan products out there that honestly taste better than their soy counterparts. Check out our taste test page. We have reviews of some of those products and are always putting up new reviews as we find new discoveries. As for tofu scramble, we’re still on the hunt. But what I would suggest is, if you love soy cheese WITH the tofu scramble, to switch to a soy free cheese. That way you at least cut down on the soy. We reviewed a delicious soy free cheese in the test taste section.
      Lastly, while you may not be able to cut out the scramble just yet, you can definitely cut back on soy in other parts of your diet. Again, I direct you to the taste test section. 🙂
      As for our reasons for being soy free…health. We both have fibroid tumors and it is recommended not to eat soy as there are high levels of estrogen in soy, and excess estrogen production is considered to be the culprit of fibroid growth.
      Any other questions about cutting back on soy, let us know! Being a soy free vegan is so much easier than it sounds. 😀

      ~Lady P

    • We are soy free for health reasons. After research, we have found that soy can mimic estrogen in the body. Too much estrogen could be the cause of a lot of uterine problems such as fibroid tumors. It is hard to get away from soy these days. It seems as though it is in almost everything. Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian, soy is still in so many products.
      I would say if you don’t have any problems already with soy, maybe keep your favorite product like soy scramble. But try to eliminate soy as much as you can. Use seitan(wheat meat) instead of soy meat. Field Roast makes good soy free sausages. Also use almond milk instead of soy. It can be challenging at first but luckily a lot of companies are starting to recognize the need for soy free.
      Hope this helps. Keep us posted on your progress.

      ~Lady A

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