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I found out I had a large (size of an orange!) fibroid tumor in my uterus about a year ago.  When I asked what was to be done, I was told nothing.  Nothing?!  Nothing.  According to current medical wisdom, it is impossible to get rid of a fibroid tumor without surgery or waiting until menopause, which lowers your estrogen levels and consequently shrinks your fibroid tumors.  All I could do was get an ultrasound every six months and keep an eye on it.  And the point of that was?

Anyhoo, being a proactive person, I knew there had to be something I could do to deal with this pesky fibroid.  Enter in my Chinese skills.  I came across an article online about a Chinese herbal remedy called kuei-chih-fu-ling-wan.  It discusses the effects of the herbs on uterine myomas a.k.a fibroid tumors and states that there was a shrinking of fibroids in 60% of cases.  That was enough for me to go on the hunt for some of this Chinese magic!

However, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  That was until I realized there are several spellings for the herb.  I am assuming this is because Chinese translated phonetically can have many variations.  I was able to find it online in a variety of places, when I spelled it gui zhi fu ling wan.

So, I purchased a three month supply, as this was how long until my next ultrasound.  I completely cut alcohol out of my life, which was no easy task at the time, and I took the recommended dosage, everyday.  I finished my last bottle and a few days later headed to the doctor’s.  Drum roll please…my fibroid indeed shrunk.  It reduced by one centimeter length-wise and three centimeters width-wise!  I still had a ways to go for it to shrink completely, but I was more than impressed with my results.

Although I was very encouraged, this was really just an experiment for me at the time to see if anything could shrink my tumor at all.  So, after my supply was done, I never reordered.  I know, I know.  But don’t you worry your pretty little heads, I’m back in the healing game and going hard!  As I mentioned in a previous blog, Is it erbs or hhherbs?, I am now using a variety of herbs, including Fibroid Buster from Dhealth, to heal my uterus.

I anticipate only the best and will keep you posted on my progress!


Posted February 29, 2012 by calivegans

30 responses to “Herbs for shrinking fibroids….

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  1. ya,thanks for your help and support..it actually boost up my courage…

  2. Hello Shaheen!!! Be encouraged!!! There are many things she can do depending on her willingness. Diet is an important factor. Eliminating soy, dairy ,red meats, caffeine products..yep the cokes or any sodas…this can be gradually but i heard doing a good liver detox, dim, red clover(depending on estrogen levels) vitex, proeletic enzymes. Just to name a few. If u go to health food store they are pretty good at directing u. Fibroid buster at dhealth.com may be good as some people have had success. She needs to start somewhere and know its a proccess, but it can b done.from what i hear and see while researching. Im in process…in time ill see. Do ur research dhealth has a lot of info…hope this helps

  3. Hii,actually my mom is diagnosed with 3 little fibroids in her uterus…she has already undergone an operation earlier due to this problem and now she has once again the same problem…she is on medication now….she is a bit scared to once again undergone an operation….so i wish to know if there are scope for her to be cured naturally using herbal concoction…..i will do anything i can to help her cure this problem…….i would be very thankful if you could help me or suggest any solution….and yes my mom is a bit overweight…

  4. The fibroid that was in my uterus is now gone. I used a variety of treatments, faithfully and I continue. Best to you…just know it CAN be done! Blessings!

    • Hi all, so glad to have found this current discussion forum. I have be diagnosed with one large fibroid 8cm last April. Was advised by the specialist to wait and see. This is the worst advice to take because 6 months later it grew 3 cm, and now its around 11cm. I’m only in my 20’s so want to preserve my fertility. Have tried to increase fruits and vegetables into my diet, apple cider vinigar every morning, no red meat, no alcohol, but my fibroid is more painful than ever with my uterus feeling so hard. I’m starting on chinese herbs this week and will go for a scan in a few months. Will keep you all posted. Thanks for the postings

      • Hey Shaipie! Thanks for joining us. Wow how ridiculous of that so called specialist. You definitely have to take action right away. Glad to here you’re gonna do the Chinese herbs. Don’t miss a beat with those. Take it faithfully. Acupuncture will help with the pain. Also I personally would stay away from soy and dairy. Definitely keep us posted.

        ~Lady A

    • Wow Kimberlee that’s amazing! Thanks for the encouragement. If you don’t mind sharing what are some of the treatments you used?


    • Hi kimberlee!! Id like to know what u did…i have a few fibroids and really don’t want surgery!! Help!!!
      Calivegans…Where do i get the supplements i ddnt see tge fibroid buster on dhealth also what does applle cider vinegar and baking soda do? Any other tips?? Thanks for this its needed most people think surgery is their only option…

      • Hi Kee! Thanks for visiting. It should be under fibroid buster cleanse. But if you go to our homepage under Body then look under herbs for women’s issue, that should give you some tips. You can look up buy herbs whole sale on line. I recently discovered this site: http://www.Glenbrookfarm.com. The other herbs and supplements I’ve taken, I bought of Amazon. Hope this helps.

    • Kimberleee…im excited to here what all youve done!!! Are u just gonna leave us hanging?? Lol..jk..id like to know what variations if treatments u used as i have about 5fibroids and would like to attack them as many ways as i can. Are u still on here??? Hope to hear an update from u soon and pray all is awesome!!

    • Hi.kimberlee..are u still.here?? Could u let us know what u did to get rid of the fibroids..did u do noninvasive surgery? What other herbs did tou use??

  5. Hi there, just came across your blog. I also was diagnised with fibroids.. I got to know about Djehuty mahtra herbs (with dhealth store) and bought a bunch.. total body clense, total woman clense and fibroid busters..both the tea and t he capsule. It may be working for you but for me I did not see any change at all. So I kept on my research nad found out about serrepeptase and combined with DIM -plus and addes calcium-d-glucanate.. within two weeks of using these, I have seen a change that I am happy with… my fibroids are shrinking and I am sure when my obgyn does another US there he will be suprised. My tummy is getting softer . Before I started these medication, I could literary feel my uterus.. now I can feel there a differe like two inches down.. sweeet!… let me know how your progress is coming up.. glall the best and God bless you.

    • Cool thanks Lisa! I will look into those. I’ve been wondering if I want to get back on the DIM. I stopped taking them for a while but now that I’m done with my last bottle of fibroid buster maybe I’ll start up again. Please keep us posted on your progress.

      God bless you too!


    • Hi lisa!! What is serrepeptase and DIM?? Where did u get dhealthstore.com? Do u think those detoxes that u did prior to could have bn tge catalyst to the changes that u saw once u started with the serrepeptase,DIM,calciumdglucanate combo??

      Hey guys??Is the detox the best way to get started? How much should i order of what?? I got on dhealth and got overwhelmed!!! Also..i watched some of the videos and it said to “overdose” on the herbs…oh and where to find the chinese herbs??

  6. What herbs specifically, guys? I’m working hard to shrink one but doc didn’t give me a follow up appointment which, disappointed me so I am seeing another doc. Hope to hear more of ya’ll’s progress! If I have any, I’ll share as well. I am also using castor oil/phytolacca packs daily over liver and uterus, with dietary changes.

    • Sorry for the late response. Somehow this message got lost. I’ve been taking Fibroid Buster from http://www.dhealthstore.com. Also earlier this year I was taking DIM (Diindolymethane). A natural compound formed from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kale. I also take Miatake, Shiitake, and Reishi mushroom. Oh yeah and cinnamon pills.
      My flaw is that I kind of bad with taking them everyday consistently. I plan to be more discipline from now on though.
      Let me know is you need more info.


    • Please tell me what you used to help shrink you fibroids. I have a huge one in my stomach and it has impacted my digestion. I know everuthing doesnt work for everyone but I am desperate for some help. thank you and God bless

      you and God bless

      • Hi Carol,
        Is it in your stomach or your uterus. Are you sure it’s a Fibroid…. I have been doing a variety of different things. The first thing was a detox and then became vegan and stayed far away from soy. I haven’t checked since they last shrank 2 centimeters but I believe and have faith they’re done with. You can look at our previous post on herb for shrinking fibroids to see what what I and some others have been doing. Hang in there. Change your diet. Take herbs, stay away from soy, dairy and alcohol. God Bless

  7. Hi I was wondering if you had any more shrinkage? I did acupuncture and I was given a tea for about 6 months but I didn’t ‘feel’ any difference! Besides I think he zeroed in on my overnight job as the cause for everything and that caused some dissension and it was hard to talk to him. Both my mom and sis have fibroids! Any ways I hope you continue to have success!

    • Hi, I have had some but it is going a little slower than I’d like. I have another appt. this month. I’ll see what it’s looking like. If It hasn’t gotten much smaller, I may go ahead and have that minimally invasive surgery. They go through your belly button and laser the off. But still waiting for the right answer. This is only cause I’m ready for children. If you’re not in a hurry, you may want to continue with the herbs. How big are yours?

      • Around 7 cm which is why my doc wants me to have surgery but I’m hesitant because they may grow back and I’m not ready for kids! How did your US go?

        • If it were me and I wasn’t ready to have kids in the next year or so, I would probably wait. They have been known to grow back after around five years of having surgery. Of course that’s because surgery gets rid of the symptom or effect and not the cause. But if it is causing you unbearable problems, you may not be able to wait. I would do all I could to at least keep them from growing, like a healthy diet, no stress and herbs. The only reason I’m even considering having surgery is because I want kids within the next year. But I’m still procrastinating because a quick cover up fix is not what I believe in. I know my body is healing and becoming more balanced because I no longer get cramps on my period. The fibroid did shrink even though is hasn’t done anything in a few months but the doctor said at least its not growing and what I’m doing must be working.
          Hope this helps. And remember this is just my opinion.

          • Thanks I appreciate your advice! It helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of! Well this year for 2013 I’m really focusing on my health and doing something about them which means I’m going to throw everything including the kitchen sink at them lol! Hopefully I don’t raise my stress level by becoming obsessed! I’m going to try natto, calcium d-glucarate, grape seed oil extract, even the apple cider vinegar and baking soda! Let’s hope for the best for us in 2013 🙂 Thanks again!

            • No problem! It’s great to be able to come together in the name of healing. Here’s something you may want to look into: http://www.dhealthstore.com
              I’ve been taking their Fibroid buster herbs. It has a lot of the herbs I’ve researched that helps in shrinking Fibroids.


            • What do u do with the apple cider/ baking soda combo…mix and drink it!!?? Sounds grosse…what is it supposed to.do? Also does the castor oil pack qork…How does it work and where can i get??

  8. Hello there…I’m trying to have my first child at 44. I had a miscarriage at 42 but have been afraid to try again due to my multiple fibroids and possible miscarriage again. How has your progress been? I will try anything before I let docscut me open. Thank u!!

    • Hi Melissa, I understand your fear regarding another miscarriage. The thing with healing holistically is that it does take time because it works with the complete body not just a target area. I know that sometimes time is of the essence when thinking about conceiving. I too am faced with that challenge. There are plenty of women who have fibroids larger than 18cm that have had successful pregnancies. But if you already had a miscarriage, you may not want to take that risk. There is a minimally Invasive surgery for fibroids that you could have. They dont need to cut you open and they say you can try to get pregnant 4-6 months after the procedure.
      Cedars-Sinai offers this. Got to there website and look under Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Center. There is a chance I may go this route as well.
      I hope this helps.

  9. Hello I just stumbled upon your blog. I too am trying to follow a vegan diet and take herbs to shrink fibroids. I was wondering if you had any updates on your progess?

    • Hi Adele! Yes actually last time I checked the fibroid has shrunk by 2 centimeters. I will be checking again in August. I will keep everyone posted.
      ~Keep at it and keep checking back.


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