You Don’t Wear Deodorant?!   7 comments

I know.  I’m probably losing friends as I write this, but it’s true.  I don’t wear deodorant.  I said it.

So what do I do?  Stink?  Not so much, my friends.  I actually smell like maple syrup.  Yeah, waffles anyone?  How am I pulling that off you ask?  One word: Fenugreek.  Heyohhh!!

Never heard of it?  Well neither did I until recently.  A friend of a friend mentioned that she didn’t wear deodorant and as I was backing away casually, she brought up Fenugreek.  Fenugreek “is an annual Mediterranean and Asiatic herb with aromatic seeds.  It is used around the world as a culinary spice and food that is soothing to the stomach.”**

Originally, I had no interest in taking an herb to handle my B.O., but then during a full body cleanse I noticed that I kept smelling maple syrup everywhere.  It drove me crazy until I re-read the ingredients of one of the teas I was detoxing with and found that yes indeed, Fenugreek was one of the ingredients.  I knew then, that my love affair with deodorant was ovah!

I had already been experimenting with Crystal® Body Deodorant, an unscented natural deodorant, however alone, it just wasn’t quite doing it; but when I added Fenugreek to the mix, I found what I was looking for!

Crystal® can be found in any pharmacy and Fenugreek can be found at any health food store.  You can get fresh sprouts, where they are available, Fenugreek Seed capsules or Fenugreek tea.  I use the capsules and get them at Whole Foods Market®.

Depending on how sensitive you are to Fenugreek and how much you consume, you may barely smell it, or smell it all the time.  I smell it all the time as does my friend’s husband, however my friend (and another friend of mine) rarely smells it.  Even if you don’t smell maple syrup intensely, you will notice that you don’t smell your natural funk (that’s the scientific term).  I take one capsule a day, two if  I feel like I need extra odor control on that particular day.  If you do the fresh sprouts, grab a pinch and chew them up once a day.  Tea?  One cup should do it.

I know, the idea of giving up your deodorant addiction is scary, I was there; but now I am FREE!

Disclaimer: You may find yourself craving pancakes more than usual.


**Nature’s Way ®

Posted October 7, 2011 by calivegans

7 responses to “You Don’t Wear Deodorant?!

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  1. You definitely know about winning combinations Lori! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

  2. Very interesting! I think I will give this a try. I’m on day four from switching from my favorite commercial brand antiperspirant/deodorant (Secret) to Tom’s of Maine apricot deodorant. I’ve heard the aluminum in the antiperspirants are bad for us so decided to finally give it up. The Tom’s of Maine deodorant is doing OK as far as allowing me to smell pretty good, but my armpits do feel uncomfortably moist. I miss my antiperspirant. But, since we are headed for cooler weather, I’m hoping that this product will be fine for now. Perhaps combined with fenugreek, it may be a winning combination!

    • Personally I find that using the Crystal (natural deodorant) along with the Fenugreek works great. The crystal is made of mineral salt which blocks the odor causing bacteria. Neither one of these items actually stop you from sweating but i find that if i rub more crystal on when I sweat it usually dries within a minute or so. The salt soaks up the sweat.

      Hopefully this will work for you.

  3. Thanks so much Elba we love to hear your feedback!

  4. Thanks for the post I actually learned something from it. Very good content on this site Always looking forward to new post.

  5. Thanks for reading the blog Rosine! No, this herb is eaten. As the blog says, there is the capsule form, sprout form and tea form. It kicked in within a couple of hours for me. You may want to start off with two capsules (if you go the capsule route), to get things rolling quicker. Please let us know how that works out for you!

  6. Do you use this herb like a deodorant stick? Also, is it still wet under your arms? How long does it take to work

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