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Eating cherries at work   2 comments

Once upon a time, kind of long ago in a land about four hours away I had a sales job that I hated.  Every morning I would wake up crying to the heavens “why me”.  I would wish for a natural disaster to come but at the time I didn’t live in a place where those were common.

I would walk into the doors of what seemed to be  Satan’s warehouse  and go to my cubicle and prepare myself for 9 hours of torture.  Yup 9 hours not 8 because we got an hour for lunch and heaven forbid they didn’t get 8 hour of us selling their shady service!

I’m not bitter.  Anyway, somewhere between the brainwashing sales meetings and the cheerleader like sale chants I would find myself extremely tired.  Maybe because I was always out of my seat, pacing back and fourth with the phone to my ear so my boss would think I was really into my job.  Not!  So I was always tired but didn’t want to be on nicotine or coffee like 90% of my co-workers.  So what were my options?

Well, one day the grocery store close by was having a sale on cherries.  So I bought a pound or two.  I notice the motion of eating and spiting out the seeds seem to keep me content.  So made my calls and ate my cherries in a rhythm.  Then out of no where, I seem to be awake with energy!  Was it the cherries, I wondered. 

The next day I bought more cherries and sure enough,  It was the same thing.  I was content and had energy about 30 minutes later.  I noticed I was less stressed and concerned about the job when I had my cherries.  I was able to make call after call happily while eating cherry after cherry.

Months later, I quit that job or got fired.  But I never forgot about my cherry discovery.  So I did some research and found that cherries do give you energy.   Also cherries contain Anthocyanins which are used by the body to produce essential amino acids.  Cherries of course also gives you vitamin C.

Maybe you should give it a try.  Snack on cherries at work or when you’re on the go.  See if you feel more energized.  See if you sleep better at night.  Did I mention cherries also contain melatonin?  Melatonin helps to regulate sleep.  Yes they give you energy as well as help regulate sleep.  They’re also packed with antioxidants.  Wow!  Who knew cherries were such a great snack?

Go cherries!  Go cherries at work!  Go cherries before exercise!  Go cherries for insomniacs!

~By Lady A.

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Egg or Almonds?   Leave a comment

Did you know 1/4 cup of almonds  has more protein than 1 large egg?   Really.  A regular large egg has 6 grams of protein, while 1/4 cup of almonds has 7.

A lot of people think that animal products are the only way to get protein and its just not true. If you are really interested in knowing the truth, do just a little research and you will be amazed.

My advice to vegans, vegetarians and even meat eaters is:

 Eat a variety of beans, nuts, grains and vegetables  everyday.   Its very important to think about amino acids when thinking of protein.  Amino Acids serve as the building blocks to protein.   Essential amino acids cannot be created from other compounds, so must be taken in as food.   I won’t get too specific right now but soybeans are really good when it comes to protein and amino acids.  Unfortunately I can’t eat soybeans but their is a lot of things I can add in my diet to get everything I need.

I suggest that vegans take  Spirulina or Chlorella (which has chlorophyll) or both.   They have perfect compliments of protein, carbohydrates, fats and bio-available minerals.   So with that and a variety of nuts, veggies, fruit, grains and beans.  You can have everything you need.

By adding protein powder to smoothies you can get most of your daily protein requirements.  Smoothies by themselves can give you your needed fruit servings. So why not get it all in one!  Hey, throw some vegetable juice in there too!

Who said getting all your nutrients was hard?  Liars!

So the next time someone tries to tell you that you need to eat meat to get protein, kindly direct them to our website.


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