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Fresh fruit on an empty stomach…..   Leave a comment

Did you know that it’s best to eat fruit on an empty stomach?  You can eat something else about 20-30 minutes after eating fruit since that’s about how long it takes for fruit to exit the stomach completely.  But you should wait about 3 hours after eating a meal before eating fresh fruit.   That’s why having a smoothie for breakfast may be your best choice.  Then 30 minutes later, you can eat something else. 

Eating things in the right order can keep your digestive track clear and running smoothly.  Some foods when combined with each other can ferment in the stomach and create a breading ground for bacteria.

Eating foods in the right combination can protect against problems such as IBS, constipation, gas and acid reflux.

There is a lot of  information out on this matter which can be quite overwhelming.  So for now lets start with fruit.

Just remember eat after fruit, not before.

Stay tune when we talk about mixing starches and nuts….




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