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Detox is over…..   Leave a comment

So how do you feel?

For me, it started better than it ended.  The beginning of the cleanse was great. I was eating right. I meditated. I had a day of fasting.  Then things changed.  I would love to say everyday was awesome and now I feel so cleansed and lighter, but that’s not exactly the case.  It’s all my fault too.  I got really busy and didn’t plan my meals accordingly.  As a result, I didn’t always eat in a timely manor which resulted in me rushing to take my detox herbs all at once sometimes.  I also didn’t drink enough water during the liver cleanse.  I cheated and ate rice once.  It was sooo good.  One night my husband made a blackberry pie and I had a small slice.  I didn’t want to let him down.  You understand right?

So all in all, I wasn’t as discipline this body cleanse as the last.  But hey, no since living with regret.  I’m sure It was still effective.  I know next time if I get busy, I need to stop and really plan everything out.  I should have even set reminders on my phone to tell me when it was time to take a pill or have my detox tea.  I realize that no matter how great your memory is, when you get unexpectedly busy, it’s real easy for things to slip your mind. Even things like eating.

I hope you all did better than me.   Join me again in the spring when I do it all over again, the right way.


Oh, and stay tuned.  You never know what kind of results or discoveries may come from you detoxing and fasting.  It may take a few weeks, but you may notice slight changes in your body or in your mind.  They should be good changes though.

To detox or not to detox.   1 comment

There is a lot of talk floating around about body cleanses and what they do.    People are starting to take notice as they should.  Is a detox right for you and why should you do it?

Short answer:  To rid your body of toxins so your system can flow smoothly.
If you’re about to partake in a diet change or healing regimen,  you should do a full body cleanse first.
Imagine putting the best styling and moisturizing products on dirty hair.  Not only would you create more build-up but I doubt you would ever get the results you are looking for.

If you try to heal your body before cleaning it out, you may not be getting the optimum benefit out of the healing process.

I suggest starting with a colon cleanse, then liver and ending with a kidney cleanse.  Then fill your body with healthy nutritious foods.

Side effects may include clearer skin and a more regular system.


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