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Christmas gift ideas!   3 comments

It’s that time of year again!   What are you gonna get your loved ones?  Better question, what are they gonna get you?  Just kidding.

But seriously, how about giving something great without spending a lot?  There is a catch though, you have to be a little creative.

Books are always a great idea, as long as you actually keep the person’s interest in mind when you pick it out.  Don’t give a male fitness trainer a book on how to make quilts for grandchildren.  Laugh but I bet it’s out there.

What about a gift card for a health food or herbal store?  How about aroma therapy candles and oils?

The thing is, there are a lot of things you can buy that cost a lot and mean nothing.  But how about giving something that can make someone feel good on the inside or encourage them to make healthy choices.  Now, I wouldn’t give someone a gift certificate to something like Weight Watchers unless they ask.  The might get offended.  But who would get mad about a gift card to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?  Candles are something everyone can use at some point or another.  So why not have them be aroma therapy, so your loved ones can have healing power without even thinking about it.

Here’s an idea, you can give the gift of an art or make-up class!  Scuba diving or swim lessons are awesome too.

I find that people are more willing to try new things when it’s free for them.  So help them spice up their life a little bit.  You may inspire someone to do something great and they will always remember that it was you who started it all.

~Lady A

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