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In beautiful sunny California, it is quite common to hear people freaking out or complaining when it rains.  Okay, you get a pass to freak out if you live somewhere in the hills, considering the risk of mudslides.  Everyone else should just relax.

Rain should be celebrated.  It is nourishment to our planet.  We want everything to be beautiful and plush without allowing the process in which it takes to get there.

I think we need cloudy and rainy days to relax our spirit a little bit.  It creates a change of pace.  Sometimes I feel so tired or lazy on a rainy day.  Instead of fighting it, I have been practicing to just flow with it.  Even if I have to work, I allow my energy to be relaxed and mellow.

It may be good to meditate while it’s raining and allow yourself to be on a different vibration than ususal.                                                             If rain brings fourth growth and vegetation to the land.  Imagine what it may bring fourth inside of you.

In places of desert such as California, people use to do rain dances to welcome rain to come.   Now I feel so many people are almost doing a go away dance every time they stump their feet and say “Aw man it’s raining.”

I mostly work outside, so no It wouldn’t be good for business if it rained everyday.  But I can appreciate it every now and then.   I need an excuse sometimes to relax and sit still.  These moments help me to check in with Self and see what I need.

So thank you rain.  Thank you for falling upon our land and making it so beautiful.  Thank you for relaxing me.  And when the sun comes back, I can appreciate it more than last time I saw it.


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