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I am officially Fibroid free!   Leave a comment

That’s right, no more fibroids in this Uterus!

If you have or ever had a fibroid, then you probably know how problematic they can be depending on the size and location.

In case you’re not familiar, a fibroid is benign tumors that usually grows in or around the uterus.  A condition found mostly in African/American and Asian women.  Problems can range from very heavy and painful menstrual periods, enlarged stomach and even fertility issues including miscarriages.  

So you can understand how excited and relieved I am to be free of them!  I can’t wait to share my journey .

One of the original reasons this blog was started was to document me and my friend’s journey of trying to naturally shrink our fibroids.  I became an herbalist and a vegan during this process.

Details of my journey coming soon in an e-book.  Be sure we have your email to keep you updated!

In the mean time, feel free to contact me directly for the inside scope at:

Is It erbs or hhherbs?   Leave a comment

No matter how you pronounce it, herbs are this girl’s new best friend!  My co-author and I became apart of the herb game back in 2009/2010, when we both discovered that we had uterine fibroid tumors.  Being avid, natural healists (is that a word?), we were determined to do just that; heal our fibroids naturally.  That and we weren’t really given a choice as conventional medical wisdom states there is really nothing a woman can do to shrink fibroid tumors, short of surgery and menopause.  Oh, conventional medical wisdom…

My partner, being first to be diagnosed, became aware of herbs through her acupuncturist and shared her burgeoning knowledge with me.  Thus, when I was diagnosed the following year, I knew herbs were the way I wanted to go.  I did my own research and found out about Chinese herbs with proven results in shrinking fibroids.  Gui-Chi-Fu-Ling-Wan.  Yeah, I speak a little Chinese.  I went on a strict, no alcohol diet (which at the time was a strict diet) and tested out the herbs for three months.  I had an ultrasound at the end of my experiment and yup, my fibroid shrunk!  It didn’t go away, but with conventional medical wisdom saying any shrinkage was impossible, I knew I was on to something.

This year, my co-author and I decided to really get disciplined with our fibroid shrinking routine, which began with obsessive research of the various herbs out there.  And that’s when we really discovered the fantastical world of herbs!  We’re addicted.

If you have an ailment, there’s an herb out there to heal it, but why wouldn’t there be?  I mean, nature provides us with everything we need.  Before science got into the healing game, people went to healers, shamans and herbalists, not doctors.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Doctors absolutely have their place, but we were given natural tools, like our immune system and herbs, neither of which came from a test tube.  And let’s be real for a minute.  All science does, from the medicinal standpoint, is try to mimic nature.  A scientist finds a plant that has certain chemical properties, then she tries to synthesize it in a laboratory and because it’s synthetic, there are all kinds of harsh side effects.  So, how about we cut out the middle man?  Rather than try to synthesize nature, let’s use nature in her glorious untainted form.

My co-author and I are currently learning about the herbs available to us and their healing properties.  One of our new favorite websites is  Oh Dherbs, Dherbs, how we love thee!  Not only does this website have herbal supplements for practically every affliction out there, but it also has tons of articles on natural healing and other interesting mind conscious topics, as well.  Honestly, the articles are my favorite part of the website.  I have been known to curl up with a good Dherbs article before I head to sleep.  Check them out and check out other websites and books devoted to natural healing.  There are so many out there.  Learn about herbs and what they can do (or undo) for you.  See what medicines in your medicine cabinet you can replace with herbs.  Liberate yourself!

As for our fibroids, we have been using several herbs to heal, including Dherbs Fibroid Buster.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress…


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