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Why Field Roast®?  Why do you have to be so good?  I mean, is what you’re doing even legal?  Surely, with all that deliciousness, you must be breaking some kinda’ law.  No?  International law maybe?

I was a vegetarian for years before taking the vegan plunge.  So, when I finally did jump into veganism, meat was the last of my worries.  I truly haven’t craved meat in a long while.  However, I sure do love me some vegan meat substitutes.  But alas, calivegans are soy free vegans, and every vegan meat substitute is made from our good ol’ friend soy.  So, although we were completely okay with it, calivegans expected to give up their cheat meats forever.

But then a sassy, fine, young thang sachayed into our lives.  Her name?  Glad you asked; Field Roast Grain Meat®.  Mmmm, mmm, mmmm!

When calivegans went looking for a soy free vegan meat option, the choices were limited; really limited.  As in Field Roast is all we found, limited. So with only one option we weren’t expecting much.  But, can you say hiyah?!  Because when we tasted it, the flavors basically judo chopped our mouths.  Field Roast is soooo delicious!  Not only does it taste more like real meat than the tons of soy meats I’ve had in the past, but it’s full of flavor and the texture is meaty as well.

They have a good amount of options, too.  Calivegans have tried the 3 different flavors of sausages and the celebration roast, which we had for our Vegan Thanksgiving meal.  We loved them.  They also have deli slices, meatloaf and other good stuff!  We haven’t gotten around to those yet, but we’re pretty sure they are just as delish as their other products.

If you’re a vegan (especially soy free) and you haven’t gotten down with the roast of the field yet, get on it!  Seriously, chop chop!


Posted November 29, 2011 by calivegans

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