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Oh Hugo’s, oh Hugo’s how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

Hugo’s Restaurant is officially one of my new faves!  I absolutely looooove this place.  A friend of mine took me there to celebrate my birthday, and I was so pleasantly surprised and left oh so satisfied.  Why is Hugo’s awesome?  Well besides the fact that the food was delicious, Hugo’s has vegan options galore!  Not only vegan options, but vegetarian options and gluten free vegan options too.  The menu has a simple key that let’s you know quickly what each menu qualifies as.  Vegan?  Just look for the upside down triangle next to an item and you know you’re safe.

What’s also awesome about this restaurant is they offer non-vegan/vegetarian items that can be prepared vegan-style!  So if there’s a non-vegan meal that looks oh so delicious, check the key!  Chances are they can make it vegan for you!  That’s what I did when I went there.

I had the Pasta Carbonara , vegan style and let me tell you… mm, mmm good!  I seriously have weekly cravings for this dish.  It was absolutely deelish!  And the portions, just like my heavy-handed mom’s :).

One of the best things about Hugo’s, is that it’s not an exclusively vegan/vegetarian spot.  Which means that it’s a great place to share a meal with your meat eater friends.  My friend got the non-vegan mac and cheese.  I’m not gonna’ lie, I had a lil’ taste and yeah, bomb.  It sucks that meat eaters can be so hesitant to trying tasty vegan dishes, so a place like this is great to satisfy all palettes.

I highly recommend Hugo’s.  They have 3 locations: West Hollywood, Studio City and Agoura Hills.

Call up some friends (vegans and non) and head out for a bite.  You won’t be disappointed!


Posted November 4, 2011 by calivegans

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