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So Delicious® is soooo good!


The first thing I ever tried from So Delicious® were their Coconut Almond Minis Bar.  I was sooo in love because they were sooo good.  I would finish one box then go back to the store and get another. Then I would tell myself I’m not going to get anymore.  I probably was able to last two days, and inevitably I would go back for another.  It took a little while, but I eventually got back to normal.  Well actually, the grocery store ran out or stopped carrying them so I had no choice.  It never occurred to me to go on their web site and see what other stores carried them.

Well I’ve wised up and found that they have a store locator.  I discovered that So Delicious® has a wide variety of soy free products which makes me really happy.  There’s the yogurt.  I mean, wow!  They have delicious coconut milk (coconut milk has endless health benefits).

And then there’s the ice cream.  Ohh, the ice cream.  They have about 16 delectable flavors of soy free ice cream.  Their coconut flavor is great on top of some Calivegan style sweet potato pie!   I’m not sure what my favorite flavor is because they all are so good, but you have to try their Turtle Trails coconut milk based ice cream.  It has caramel, chocolate and praline pecans!  Word on the street is calivegans lady P, has been having a secret romance with So Delicious® Cookies ‘n Cream.  And don’t let the coconut scare you.  Lady P can’t stand coconut, but she loves So Delicious® products.  The coconut flavor is so light, that even if you detest coconuts, you’ll find So Delicious®, well, soooo delicious!

Now, if I could just get them to deliver their products to my door…

Posted December 19, 2011 by calivegans

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