Daiya Soy Free Vegan Cheese   1 comment

Daiiiiiyah!  Me say Daiiiiyaiyah!  Daiya come and make me so happy!

There are a multitude of vegan cheese substitutes out there.  Only problem is, about 95% of them are soy based.  And we all know that calivegans are soy free.  So we got to work, searched high and low and found the beautiful gem that is Daiya® Vegan Cheese.

I shan’t tell a lie.  I was extremely addicted to cheese in my non-vegan days, so the prospect of cutting cheese (haha, cut cheese!) completely out of my diet was overwhelming to say the least.  I definitely doubted my ability to maintain the vegan lifestyle.  However, when I tried Daiya® for the first time I knew I could absolutely, unequivocally be a vegan because I didn’t have to give up my love for cheese!

Daiya is a great soy free vegan cheese substitute.  I’d venture here to say that it tastes better than soy based cheese.  During my vegetarian days, I tried some soy cheeses and was less than impressed.  They tasted a bit like nothingness in my mouth.  Daiya® on the other hand, is packed with flavor that actually tastes like cheese!  Now, don’t expect to get a mouthful of aged, extra sharp cheddar when you taste Daiya’s cheddar, but you will get a creamy, buttery, mild version of the cheddar you are so accustomed to.  The mozzarella has impressed me too.  Oh, and did I mention it actually MELTS when you cook with it!  Yeah.  Vegan cheese that MELTS!

We at calivegans have done our share of cooking with Daiya® and our taste buds love the dishes we’ve come up with.  Check out our mac & cheese recipe.  We’ve even tested it on carnivorous friends and have gotten some very positive feedback from them as well.

Daiya®: yet another reminder that eating healthy doesn’t have to suck.


Posted November 22, 2011 by calivegans

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  1. Daiya is the BEST vegan cheese I’ve ever had.

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