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Did you know 1/4 cup of almonds  has more protein than 1 large egg?   Really.  A regular large egg has 6 grams of protein, while 1/4 cup of almonds has 7.

A lot of people think that animal products are the only way to get protein and its just not true. If you are really interested in knowing the truth, do just a little research and you will be amazed.

My advice to vegans, vegetarians and even meat eaters is:

 Eat a variety of beans, nuts, grains and vegetables  everyday.   Its very important to think about amino acids when thinking of protein.  Amino Acids serve as the building blocks to protein.   Essential amino acids cannot be created from other compounds, so must be taken in as food.   I won’t get too specific right now but soybeans are really good when it comes to protein and amino acids.  Unfortunately I can’t eat soybeans but their is a lot of things I can add in my diet to get everything I need.

I suggest that vegans take  Spirulina or Chlorella (which has chlorophyll) or both.   They have perfect compliments of protein, carbohydrates, fats and bio-available minerals.   So with that and a variety of nuts, veggies, fruit, grains and beans.  You can have everything you need.

By adding protein powder to smoothies you can get most of your daily protein requirements.  Smoothies by themselves can give you your needed fruit servings. So why not get it all in one!  Hey, throw some vegetable juice in there too!

Who said getting all your nutrients was hard?  Liars!

So the next time someone tries to tell you that you need to eat meat to get protein, kindly direct them to our website.


Posted November 3, 2011 by calivegans

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