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 Native Foods Cafe is an awesome vegan restaurant in California, Portland and Chicago!   The atmosphere is open and artsy.  The staff is friendly  and knowledgeable.  This is a place that you can bring a group of friends regardless if they are vegan, vegetarian or meat eaters.  Trust me, we have tricked meat eaters into coming and they loved it.

They  also have a soy free and gluten free menu.

Calivegan’s Lady A. tasted the Portobello & Sausage burger and a meatball sub.  Both were amazing.  She liked the Portobello & Sausage burger the best.   They also have Lavender lemonade.  A thirst quenching, refreshing lemonade with a delightful  burst of lavender.

Keep up the good work Native Foods!

Posted November 4, 2011 by calivegans

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